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Hiring Solutions

The Executive Job Network offers employers from around the world exclusive access to qualified executives and future executives by posting your job vacancies across Canada.
Included with your posting: 1 weekly job alert, 1 and a monthly Newsletter Executive Chronicle sent to our database of 26,000 contacts.

Questions? Call us : 1 (514) 789 4478 or by 1 866 RECRUTE (732-7883) or email

(For any difficulty using this site or technical problems contact niche.sites@workopolis.com or 1-888-641-4047 FREE to speak with a Business Support Representative).

Why a Job Posting package?

  • Reach more people

    Your job is viewed by a wide range of potential executive candidates across Canada..

  • Find specialized talent

    Only candidates with executive experience and/or relevant training can register as an Executive Job Network candidate.

  • Connect with interested candidates

    More than 15,000 job searches are made each month.

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$360 or $500 for non-members

30 Days Resume Database Access

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Why use the Finance Careers Resume Database?

  • Proactively find talent

    More than 5,000 job searches are conducted by Finance Careers candidates every month.

  • Save money

    Get unlimited access to resumes and source candidates for an unlimited number of positions during your 30-day subscription.

  • Target specific qualifications

    Use powerful resume search tools to target candidates based on experience with specific accounting systems, past employers, education, location, salary range, and a number of other criteria.

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$504 or $700 for non-members

  • 1 Job post
  • Resume Database
  • Access for 30 days
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Why this promotional offer?

  • Maximize your reach

    There are more than 5,000 job searches every month by members with resumes in the database.

  • Go high impact

    Combine the wide exposure of a Job Posting with a targeted search in the Resume Database. Get the best possible exposure for your opportunity.

  • Bundled value

    Save $72 ($100 for non-members) when you combine these products. It`s the most cost effective way to use your recruitment budget.

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Company Logo

Use your brand to attract top talent.

Why use an Employer Logo Suite?

  • Capitalize on your brand

    Increase attention by using the power of your own brand. An employer logo attracts the eyes of more qualified candidates.

  • Stand out in searches

    Your employer logo is displayed right search results pages next to your posting for that extra visual pop.

  • Get noticed more

    You're also featured in the Who's Hiring section, right on your Employer Profile. Make sure your brand is front and centre every place your job appears on the site.

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Direct Advertising

Reach more candidates.

Why use Direct Advertising?

  • Monthly Executive Network Chronicle

    Every second Tuesday of each month, it is sent to our database (about 26,000 contacts), highlighting the job experiences of executive leaders, available jobs and different informations.

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  • Banners

    We have several options that will enable you to increase your visibility on our website and communication tools. Which allows the candidates to access your job offers easily and makes your company stand out as well.

    More options here

  • Executive Job Alert Network:

    The weekly mail will list the last 15 positions available on the Executive Network. It will be sent to all our contacts (26 000 people).

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